IQAC Work Plan

The prime task of the IQAC is to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the overall performance of Adarsh Janta Mahavidyalaya Lakhimpur Kheri, U.P.

The IQAC was constituted in our college on Jan 27, 2020 . The IQAC is an important integral administrative body of the institution. It prepares the future plan of action of the institution in academic affairs and in other infrastructural developments. The academic quality of the institution is based on quality teaching and learning process. The administrative quality is proved by the effective functioning of various committees formed by the IQAC. It monitors the functions of the institution to nurture a value based educational system and quality assurance.

The IQAC meetings were conducted Four times in a year and prepared plans to execute and retain the sustenance and quality education and cultural activities. Almost all the administrative and academic processes of the institution were designed by the IQAC of our College. The lesson plans were designed by the concerned staff to achieve excellence. With regard to learning process, the IQAC insist and follows student and every week discuss the personal educational problems and resolve that in well manner.

IQAC is very particular in collecting feedbacks from students, teachers, employer, alumni and other stakeholders. The collected feedbacks were analysed and the reports were submitted to the principal for necessary action to be taken by the Board of Management to improve the quality sustenance and enhancement of curriculum design. The IQAC encourages the members of the faculty for inter and intra seminars, workshops and conferences on college and national level. The IQAC plays an important role in the documentation process. It acts as a nodal agency between the head of the Institution and the NAAC to adopt best practises. Above all, the prime duty of the IQAC is timely preparation and submission of SSR to the NAAC.

# Name Designation
1. Dr. Haribansh Kumar (Principal) Head of the Institution
2. Mr. Gyan Prakash Pandey (Asst. Professor) Co-Ordinator (IQAC)
3. Dr. Aditya Ranjan (Asst. Professor) Member
4. Mr. Nirvikar Ruhela (Asst. Professor) Member
5. Mr. Upendra Kumar (Asst. Professor) Member
6. Mr. Nirvikar Ruhela (Asst. Professor) Member
7. Mr. Shailesh Kumar Verma (Asst. Professor) Member
8. Mr. Nitish Kumar (Asst. Professor) Member
9. Mr.S.P. Deepak Member (Administrative Officer)
10. Mr. Harinam Singh Alumni
11. Ms. Pragya Mishra Student

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